ABOUT Blue Ocean Financial Network (BOFN), At Blue Ocean, our only job is to help you better sell to your high net worth client, regardless of where they live, what medical conditions they may, and whatever financial hurdles they may present to you. Combined, our firm has over 40 years of experience helping agents and advisors sell to the global high net worth client. We are the only agency in California directly licensed to sell US, offshore, and Hong Kong domiciled life insurance and annuity products. We are experts in Foreign National underwriting, impaired risk underwriting, advanced life insurance planning using domestic and foreign entities and the arrangement of premium financing loans to finance large life insurance policies.


Christopher Yen, co-founded Blue Ocean Financial Network (BOFN) to better service financial advisors and insurance agents in the advanced planning and underwriting arena; Chris specializes in estate planning and business planning case design, impaired risk underwriting, and foreign national underwriting. Prior to BOFN ran the advance underwriting unit for American Brokerage Network, the largest Asian market wholesale brokerage agency in the United States and served as the Director of Brokerage Services for San Mateo based SGC Financial Services, a financial planning firm with over 1.2 billion dollars under management. Chris started in the private wealth management business as a specialist in insurance premium financing where he learned the intricacies of designing, underwriting, and financing of large life insurance policies purchased by ultra-high net worth individuals. Prior to entering the wealth management industry, Chris worked in Taiwan as a hedge fund analyst for London based Man Group plc, the leading alternative investment brokerage and management company in the world, covering Asian equity derivatives and CTAs on the Hong Kong and Taiwan stock exchange. Chris studied Economics and Industrial Engineering/Operations Research at UC Berkeley.